Welcome to Queen of Ravens

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome, to Queen of Ravens! This blog will be a place I share some of my writing, upcoming projects, book reviews, and so forth. I am currently in the construction phase so I will try to get some post ready. But you can check out my Facebook Page, Amanda’s Twitter, and QofRTwitter for updates.

To check out my work you can find me on Tablo, Wattpad, Inkitt, Amazon, and Patreon. There will be work on the separate writing sites that will differ from the others. Some will be pay to read, and others will be free. There will be something for everyone, and you can support me in other manners like through tip on Ko-Fi. I understand some may be able to support through reading and following, and that is ok, but there will be ways to help me keep posting regularly. You can also support me on Instagram and Pinterest.

I will start posting poetry up throughout the week but Thank You for stopping by.